Keep your eye on the goal

In soccer, which both my sons have played and my younger son continues to play, it is important to keep your eye on the goal. Indeed, this is true for any sport journal week3where there is a goal or a basket or some end point that is necessary to reach in order to score.

In the online course Science and Practice of Yoga we have been asked to reflect back on the goal set at the beginning of this course.

My #1 goal is to improve and grow as a yoga teacher.

I have been leading yoga sessions since June 2016. At first I was a bit reserved and internally nervous about guiding people; my inner mantra was “do no harm.” Having now been teaching for over a year, and having taught over 100 hours of classes, my confidence has improved. To be a competent, helpful yoga teacher, I also need to have a strong self-practice, and be continually learning both as a teacher and as a yogi. I am certain my goal will be ongoing throughout my entire yoga teaching journey!

As to making my goal more specific, I originally stated two additional goals, noting that all three objectives are intertwined with one another: enhancing my personal practice, and learning more about the science of yoga, anatomy, and philosophy of yoga.

There is nothing I want to change about my goals, although I do have a note of interest. I study the teaching of restorative yoga with Jillian Pransky. Yesterday morning as a treat to myself – a bit of self-care – I attended a 90 minute restorative yoga retreat with Jillian. The retreat included receiving a copy of Jillian’s recently published first book, Deep Listening. It is my habit to always read the Author Notes at the end of a book before beginning the book. So it was that I read Jillian’s notes, wherein she gives thanks to numerous individuals, beginning with her teachers. Imagine my delight in discovering that Rick Hanson is one of her teachers! This gives me a sense of interconnectedness that conjures neurons firing across synapses, and the more they fire together, the more they will wire together, paving the way for deep learning.



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